10 web pages for my website www.tmarchant.com

I am wanting an 550 word page written for each of the 10 topics listed below. Information pages written similar to the one at https://www.tmarchant.com/medicare-advantage-plans/. You can use my other pages on my website www.tmarchant.com  and the uploaded files as a reference.  Do not mention any insurance carrier or their products by their names, only talk to how the plans work and why you would want to have them like was done in the Medicare Advantage Plans webpage.

The reader for the pages is the general public so the Flesch Reading Ease score for your writing should be 60 and above.

1. Medicare Prescription Drug Plans
2. Medigap Plans
3. Obamacare Health Insurance
4. Hospital Indemnity Insurance
5. Long-Term Care
6. Disability Insurance
7. Home Health Care Insurance
8. Discount Prescription Drug Card
9.  Healthcare for Veterans
10.  Medicaid & Low Income Subsidy (LIS)


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