12.0 Nutrition and health

Food labels provide a great amount of information that will help consumers select a more nutritious product. For this discussion post we will be comparing two different breakfast cereals to determine which one would be a better choice.

1. Select two cereals that have equal serving sizes. For example: both have ¾ cup serving sizes. Other common serving sizes are ½ cup, 1 cup. You could also search for this information online as many companies have their nutrition information posted on their websites.

2. Review the nutrition facts panel and the ingredient list.

3. Try to include a copy of this information in your post by uploading a photo, or if the cereal information is found online, copy and paste it into the post.

4. Discuss which one is the better choice and why. When comparing, keep in mind that we like to see higher amounts of fiber, protein, vitamins, minerals and lower amounts of saturated fat, sodium, sugar, and additives. Remember that the ingredients are listed in descending order with the first ingredient present in the highest amount. The summary should be 1-2 paragraphs.


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