Use the booklet Why Economics? to complete the following assignment.  This is an individual assignment.                                   
After reading Chapter 2:
Summarize what you learned. (2 or more paragraphs.)
Explain how the information might change what you think or do? (2 or more paragraphs)
Chapter 2 is designed to have you consider both the Income and Expense sides of your future life. If you want to be as financially successful as possible, you need to give serious thought to both sides.
What are you doing (or do you plan to do) to about each of the four mentioned ideas to increase the Income you earn during your working life?
What are you doing (or do you plan to do) to about each of the four mentioned ideas to decrease the Expenses you incur during your working life?
Hold a conversation with someone who is working full time, preferably a parent(s) and/or a relative who is more experienced than you.  Do not the same person you spoke to for a previous Why Econ? assignment.  Provide them with a summary of the contents of Chapter 2.
With whom did you speak and how are you related to them?
What did you talk about during the conversation? What was their reaction and/or feedback? 
What were your thoughts after the conversation? What is your reaction to their comments?   (Write at least one paragraph.)
List at least TWO (2) questions about this material you still have after doing this assignment.


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