3 trait !!!!!! THEME , Characther ,TONE/Irony …….By Kate Chopin “The Story Of An Hour ” write about the short story you read write about each trait you see

 Writing Process

Get a topic

Brainstorm possible points and evidence to support those points

Organize those good brainstorming ideas into an outline. Remember paragraphs have at least five sentences.



Opening or attention getter or whatever is appropriate

At the least three other sentences

Your thesis or statement that specifically says what your essay will cover

For example: Poe’s story makes very good use of an excellent setting description, a dark tone of trouble and a single point of view of one character. 

Body Paragraph One

Topic sentence 

At least four other sentences that will contain points and quotes as needed

Body Paragraph Two

Topic sentence

At least four other sentences containing ideas

Body Paragraph Three

Topic sentence

At least four other sentences including some that will be quotes


Restated Thesis

About four more sentences

Nothing says that there has to be three paragraphs, sometimes there are many more

Also, remember that sometimes writing the introduction and conclusion can be difficult an you may find yourself including information on the author, other stories, who would like these stories, other famous stories by this author etc.


(placed right in the essay at the end of a quote, borrowed idea or borrowed vocabulary)

(Poe 212 16)

(Donovan 325)


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