AASI 600 Embry Riddle Aeronautical University Environmental Risk Discussion

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After you have completed your presentation to the top management of Eagle Aerospace, your supervisor and EHS manager noticed that it might be necessary to develop an environmental risk assessment regarding the maintenance operations taking place.

An Environmental Risk Assessment (ERA) is a scientific process that identifies and evaluates the likelihood of a business to threaten the environment, in particular to living organisms, natural habitats, and ecosystems.

Your job is to write a formal report and define the major tasks taking place in an aviation maintenance organization. Then for these tasks, assess the environmental risks that may appear using simple risk analysis to categorize them.

You need to always consider that an environmental risk assessment is one of the basic elements to develop an environmental management system.

Your report must necessarily include the following components: environmental hazard identification, undesirable events, and their effects, and level of risk. In your report, include a risk matrix table like the one shown in our first resource below:


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