Abia Polytechnic University Islamic Quran Civilization Paper

Part 1:

Islamic Civilization Report

Use the Civilization Report Template ATTACHED. Answer the questions using The Making of the West. If you use outside sources, make sure you properly cite them in MLA style on a Works Cited page. Each section of the report needs to be at least one paragraph of three or more complete sentences: be thorough.


Part 2:

The Quran Response Paper


Read excerpts from the Quran in the Link: The Opening, The Feats, Jonah, Joseph, Mary, The Lord of Mercy, & Purity (of Faith).

Read, reflect, and respond to the excerpts in 3-4 pages, double-spaced, 12 point, Times New Roman, MLA.

Requirements: answer questions for part 1 | part 2 should be 3-4 pages


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