Adler University Political Science Reentry Planning for Offenders Papers

These are two separate assignments:

Gender-Specific Reentry Planning for Women

Assignment Content

  1. In this assignment, you address why women offenders have specific needs in reentry planning. Studies indicate there is a strong correlation between women commit crimes and who have a history of trauma.
    Review the “Who Benefits From Gender Responsive Treatment?” article in this week’s University Library Readings.
    Answer the following questions in a paper of at least 700 words:

    • How could a correlation of past trauma contribute to a woman’s tendency to become an offender?
    • Why do women who have a prior history of abuse have a higher probability to become substance abusers?
    • How could poverty have an effect on women who use drugs or become offenders?
    • What are some factors to consider while reentry planning for women, as well as other diverse populations, who have been victims of prior abuse?

Reentry Plan

Assignment Content

  1. In this assignment, you will identify goals and strategies involved in the prerelease planning stage of the reentry process for inmates and offenders. This will help to create a plan for reentry.
    Review and conduct research on the following goals included in the reentry process: 

    • Goal 1: Address housing needs of inmates post-incarceration.
    • Goal 2: Assist inmates in obtaining employment post-release.
    • Goal 3: Provide resources for mental health, medical, and substance abuse treatment during and after incarceration.
    • Goal 4: Connect offenders with appropriate government benefits.
    • Write a 1,400-word paper to describe strategies for meeting these goals. For each goal:
    • Describe the goal and how it relates to reducing recidivism.
    • Identify 2 strategies for accomplishing the goal.
    • Describe 3 activities per strategy, and how the activity will benefit the offender.


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