First, please reference section 7.07- Physical Facility Requirements-in this EEC Document:
First, in this discussion board, share your opinion about the requirements for the physical facility that you think will be most challenging.  Did any of these requirements surprise you?  What might stand in your way of opening a center, and how can you assure that you comply with EEC guidelines? 
Second, The Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care (EEC) offers a guideline for developing a staff handbook.  It is located here:
The list on the first page and top of the second page (#s 1-5) are the mandatory items that NEED to be included in every staff handbook.  Please look through those first.  Then, for this assignment, please reference the bulleted list on page 2 of the document–these are the optional elements for handbooks, but still very critical and recommended to include in staff policy handbooks. You will then choose 5 points from this bulleted list, and write 1 paragraph for each, outlining your  policy for that particular element.  For example:
1. Program Dress Code: Employees of this childcare facility are required to wear the company issued, yellow collared shirt to work every day.  Employees will receive three short sleeved shirts and three long sleeved shirts to wear upon hiring and may wear either, temperature depending.  In an extreme event where the shirt is not available, employees may wear a neat and clean plain yellow colored shirt–this must be discussed with the director and should be done very infrequently.  Employees must wear either khaki or black pants; no denim jeans are permitted.  
This is just my example!  You may choose to write about the dress code, or not!  There are many bullet points to choose from.  Choose 5 total, and write 1 paragraph to go along with each topic you choose. 


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