Administration Of Justice Assignment

1. Watch the Judge Bedsworth video attached about police work today compared to long ago. He is a very respected and longtime Judge in Orange County. bedsworth police speech    &shtp=GetUrl&shid=204d04b4-b6b4-4e8e-8479-d2ff527d9b1b&shtk=SG9uIEFzc29jIEp1c3RpY2UgV2lsbGlhbSBCZWRzd29ydGggdG9kYXlzIFBvbGljZQ%3D%3D&shdk=V2UganVzdCBoYXZlIHRvIHNoYXJlIHRoaXMgdmlkZW8gYWJvdXQgdG9kYXkncyBMYXcgRW5mb3JjZW1lbnQgT2ZmaWNlcnMgZnJvbSB0aGUgb3BpbmlvbiBvZiBIb25vcmFibGUgQXNzb2NpYXRlIEp1c3RpY2UgV2lsbGlhbSBCZWRzd29ydGggb2YgdGhlIEZvdXJ0aCBEaXN0cmljdCBDb3VydCBvZiBBcHBlYWxzLiBUaGlzIHdhcyByZXBvcnRlZGx5IGF0IHRoZSBvcGVuaW5nIG9mIGEgbmV3IENyaW1pbmFsIEp1c3RpY2UgVHJhaW5pbmcgQ2VudGVyIGluIEh1bnRpbmd0b24gQmVhY2gsIENhbGlmb3JuaWEu&shhk=eFy%2Bryby34rNh1rw9CzAP0NvzwBpwlNoWCt1ZiY7aq8%3D&form=VDSHOT&shth=OVP.5xc6yZjlT3KZyIms0eWOFAEsCo

What are your thoughts about his speech?  This should be well thought out response.   

2. Training is a big topic in law enforcement, create a training curriculum for a police academy (at least 5 topics).  You only need to provide an outline of the topics that you feel would be important for police recruits to be trained in. 

In particular, think about what has been happening over the last year in the criminal justice field and how we can get better?  Why is it important to get better? 

Be detailed in the description of the issues you feel are critical in each of the topic areas and why you picked those areas for training

For example, if in your research you believe that De-escalation training for police officers is important, then describe what is de-escalation training?  In your outline use sub- sections for further descriptions of why is it important? How would you implement the training?  When, at the academy recruit level or continued training later? 

  • Remember to post your thoughts and two replies on the above topics before Sunday night at 1159PM.  


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