Advocacy Paper

Go to the Governor’s Office for Children’s website: Governor Hogan’s Office of Children Website. Governor Hogan has identified four strategic goals for children. For this assignment you will focus on children and families affected by incarceration.

Students will write a 3 page paper in APA format. The title page and reference pages do not count towards the page requirement.  You must include 3 sources and the Governor’s website.

Answer the following questions in your paper:

  1. What is the short term and long term impact (consider full development) on a child who has an incarcerated parent?
  2. What does this mean to you as a current/future educator? What do you have to consider?
  3. Take they time to critically analyze your personal views of incarcerated individuals. How can your personal view positively and or negatively impact young children in your care?
  4. As a current or future educator, what can you do in your classroom to assist these young children?
  5. Consider how the school-to-prison pipeline connects to the impact of the incarceration of parents on young children.

Additional readings that may assist with this assignment:

Annie E. Casey Foundation Report on impact of incarceration on chilldren.

Article in the Baltimore Sun about incarceration

Children on incarcerated parents fact sheet

School to Prison Pipeline

Cradle to Prison


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