an essay about a book that has to be read to answer the questions

Required sources: You must refer to at least two of the following texts: "Sam Walton/Jay Z," 350-363;
"Class in America-2012" 377-398; Excerpt from Beyond Outrage, 399-408.
Prompt: The material in chapter four of Rereading America ("The Myth of Individual Opportunity")
presents two competing points of view about becoming successful in America. One side suggests that
anyone in our country make it, provided they work hard and persevere. The other side argues that
hard work by itself is not enough, and that other factors-like race, gender, sexual orientation,
pedigree, etc. -can play an equally large role in determining the degree to which (and ease with
which a person can succeed in America. Write an essay that discusses the validity of these two positions
and indicate which side–if either-has the stronger case.


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