Analysis close reading essay

Endos novel Silence presents the reader with several puzzling questions:

Should Rodrigues have stepped on the fumie?
Did Rodrigues lose his faith?
What is Endo saying to the reader?
What does this novel teach us about faith?
Why, according to Endo, did the Catholic missionary efforts in Japan fail?
According to Endo, did the Cathlolic missionary efforts in Japan fail?
How does Endo want us to judge the character of Kichijiro (or Ferreira)?
Based on this novel, under what circumstances, if any, is it right to allow someone to be tortured on your behalf?
Directions. Using close reading analysis and well-reasoned argument, write a 4-5 page essay arguing for a specific interpretation of the novel in relation to one of these questions. Your essay should include a close reading of a 100-200 word passage, included as a blockquote in the essay. Follow the two-step process below.
Step 1. Pre-write and Collect Evidence.
Review your SWAs from this unit and freewrite additional responses to the novel in order to discover what interpretive question about the book is compelling to you. Decide on a preliminary question from the above list to base your essay on. 
Look through the novel for key passages and clues to how the author is leading the reader to an interpretation. Select one 100-200 word passage to analyze closely in the essay and be the focal point of your interpretation. 
Type and print the passage in a large font. Read the passage several times out loud or silently. 
Use the Close Reading Activity (Links to an external site.) and Close Reading Guide (Links to an external site.) to annotate the passage to generate observations. Generate as many observations as possible. No observation is too small.
Sort through the observations you have made. Look for connections and patterns. Locate the passage and think about how it fits into the text as a whole. Jot down ideas that may lead to an interesting analysis and how it connects to your question. 
Step 2. Write the essay. Using observations from Step 1 as evidence, interpret the passage, explaining how it is crafted to achieve a certain effect on the reader. Organize the essay as follows:
Introduce: Present a thesis statement that (a) makes an interpretive claim about the novel, and (b) identifies specific features and patterns supporting your interpretation. This paragraph should only be a couple sentences. (The features you refer to in b should directly relate to your close reading of the passage in the body of your essay.)
Body: In several paragraphs, support your interpretation, using the evidence you found. Build an argument on patterns and details in the text. Present your evidence in a way that is logical and clear for your reader.
Block Quote and Close Reading: Your essay should prominently feature a close reading analysis of a 100-200 word passage from the book. Quote the passage you are analyzing, following the block quote formatting conventions on the Close Reading Guide. Your analysis of the passage should be multiple paragraphs and should discuss how the author crafted the passage to create a specific effect on the reader.
Apply: In a concluding paragraph or two, discuss the implications of your analysis, either by connecting your interpretation to the whole text or speculating beyond the text: 
Connect to the whole text: What is the relationship between this passage and the work as a whole? How does your analysis of this section change your interpretation of the larger work?  
Speculate beyond the text: What does this text, in light of your interpretation, suggest about humans, the world, or anything? What is the authors larger purpose? What insights or new ways of seeing the world emerge from your understanding? 
Do not use sources. You may use a dictionary to supply the definitions of words.
Formatting: 1-inch margins, 12 pt font, double-spaced, MLA header block (Links to an external site.)
Quotations should follow the quotations section (Links to an external site.) of the Close Reading Guide. 
No Works Cited page needed. 
The essay, including the block, should be at least four full and no more than six pages. 
I uploaded three pages from the book silence and you can choose whatever 200 word passage quote to write about
just make sure to show the page number and cite evidence.


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