Annotated Bibliography

My Major is Exercise Science- Nursing

Overview: Audience and Purpose
This annotated bibliography serves as a beginning point for research into your major; you will identify the big players in your field, what they are talking about, and whats on the horizon for those about to enter the field. The audience for this piece of writing is other students interested in the major, helping you (and them) to separate fact from fiction.
For each of the seven sources you gather, you will write a citation (bibliographic info including author, work, year, publisher, etc.) and an annotation (a brief paragraph) comprising a summary of the source and a reflection on the usefulness of the source.

1. Required entries:
Two (2) professional organizations (not companies or businesses by whom you would be employed but organizations to which you would belong)-You are writing about the entire cite-not one particular article/area
One (1) hobby/enthusiast magazines and/or popular periodical (we could find it in big bookstores like Barnes and Noble or at the library)-writing a little about the magazine as a whole but mainly focusing on one particular article
Two (2) academic journals -writing a little about the academic journal as a whole but mainly focusing on one particular article
Two (2) credible blogs-writing about the blogger, the blog in general, and a specific blog post
2. Format and Citation requirements:
APA style
3. Annotation requirements: For each of your seven sources, provide a paragraph (7-10 sentences: half a page).


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