Any passage from gilgamesh


First Assignment: Short Essay

2-page essay on a passage chosen by each student using the 5-Step Literary Analysis Rubric
(20% of final grade, to be submitted via Canvas by the deadline)
All of the writers whom we read in this course uses language in special andimpactful ways. Each of their works deserves, therefore, to be read carefully.Close reading is one of the skills emphasized in this class, as it is avaluable professional skill, and these works are worthy of such attention.For this assignment, please select a single brief passage (not more than 200words) from one of the works from Gilgamesh through Dante.
This essay should be brief (600-700 words, excluding quotations). It shouldexpress your personal opinions, but it should also be well argued, analytical,and refer to specific details in the text. If you need a few extra words, wewill be happy to read an extra paragraph, but please do not substantiallyexceed the word limit. Many professional documents require concision andfollowing instructions, so please abide by the suggested length.
You have been introduced to the 5-Step LAD process and have been using it foryour journals. You should also use it to help you design and prepare forwriting your essay. Please remember that the 5 steps are a pre-writingprocess, and are separate from the essay itself.
You must submit two things (combined into a single document):
1. Your essay of 600-700 words (on which your score will be based)2. Your rough notes for the LAD (unscored but they will demonstrate yourprocess) the LAD is below

2. Observe 3. Contextualize 4. Analyze 5. Argue

All essays will be scored out of 20 points according to the attached rubricwhich is based on the LAD. Please remember that 10 of the 20 points will beassigned for analysis and argument.
Your essay should be typed in a compact 12-point font like Times, have one-inch margins, and be double-spaced. Since you are sharing your opinions,please feel free to use the first person I if appropriate, but pleaseremember to explain the logical basis for your conclusions. Please give your
essay a title. Memorable titles catch your readers attention and they aregreat fun to write.
The use of secondary sources is discouraged. Please tell us what you thinkand why. The essay will be evaluated based on your evidence and argument noton the use of outside sources. The assignment must be entirely your own work.If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me and/or your TAabout them. Enjoy yourselves and we look forward to reading your ideas!


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