Application Client Project

Your local movie theater in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia is looking for social media ideas to promote the upcoming movie Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Link: on April 8th at their theater. They want to use social media to target parents with children ages 8 – 13 within a 25-mile radius of the theater. 

  • Goal #1: Generate engagement and excitement for the movie on social media 
  • Objective #1: Generate 5,000 engagements during the month of March on the theater’s social media 
  • Strategy #1: YOU DECIDE
  • Goal #2: Drive movie ticket sales from social media
  • Objective #2: Generate 2,000 tickets sold in the first 2 weeks of the film’s release. 
  • Strategy #2: YOU DECIDE

–> For this assignment, come up with 1 content example for EACH goal/objective/strategy above. You can decide all of the strategy and tactics details, as long as they support the given goal and objective. You will have 2 total pieces of content. 

  • Ad Specs: size your graphics according to the following size chart: 
  • Graphics & Copy: Use your favorite design tool like Canva to create your imagery. Don’t forget to type outpost copy for applicable platforms, including movie ticket links if needed. 

Submit the assignment in a PowerPoint deck with the following: 

  • 10 pts. – Where should the campaign be run, based on the audience, and why?
  • 30 pts. – Messaging and visuals (You should have 2 pieces of content. Make sure to include a caption or post copy if applicable)
  • 10 pts. – Measures of success – How will you measure whether the campaign was successful for each objective? What KPIs/metrics will you evaluate? 


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