Argument essay

Compare and contrast the representation of immigrants in My Ántonia and the coal miners (immigrants, African-Americans, and others) in Kettle Bottom. What challenges do they face in both works? How do they succeed or fail in the face of those challenges? Be sure to discuss multiple characters in both works.




–Paper is to be five pages long, double-spaced, 12-point font, margins according to MLA format.  No more, no less.


–Please staple your paper together. Number pages beginning with the number two in the upper right corner of the second page of text.  Do not use a title page.


–If you cite secondary sources, be sure to use parenthetical documentation and include a list of works cited, according to MLA format.



–Consult a writing handbook to answer questions about grammar and sentence structure.

–Have a thesis.  Be sure that your paper has a clearly defined main point or line of argument.

–All papers should have a title.

–Avoid extensive plot summary as you can assume that your audience is familiar with the text you are discussing.

–All quotations should be preceded by an appropriate introductory phrase.

Analyze quotations and keep them short.

–Avoid cliches.

Proofread.  Careless errors are distracting and diminish your credibility as a writer.


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