Art and Science of Nursing

Purpose: To write a 6 -7page essay explaining the art &science of nursing and the influence on current professional nursing practice;use a minimum of 7 peer-reviewed, recentwithin five (5 yrs.)  references notincluding the course textbook. Brevity and conciseness are needed. Developyour paper addressing the following ideas:

1.               Define the art & science of nursing.

2.               How does each (art & science) influence current medical andnursing practices according to the current medical literature?

3.               Examine past significant influences on the health care environmentand compare /contrast with the critical current changes that influenceprofessional nursing practice?

4.               Explain new situations whereby the science of nursing conflicts with the art of nursing andsuggest how you can resolve such conflict as a professional nurse.

5.               Summarize one recently reviewed article that includes thefuturistic growth of the medical/nursing profession when applying both the artsand science of nursing.

6.               What strategies have you employed to apply the knowledge of art& science of nursing into your practice?

7.               Be mindful that this paper is to be Scholarly written with validpeer-reviewed references, use paraphrasing, citations in APA style withoriginal ideas:

Turnitin 10% excluding Cover page.


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