Art History and Oceanic Visual Culture(Diagram proposal)

I have intrustor’s comment on my original work, there are a lot of materials on the website as well.

Comments from professor:

I have finished grading your proposal resubmission. Please see the attached file for specific comments. On the whole, while your work improved slightly I was still unable to assign a grade higher than 12/25 to this assignment for the following reasons:

1) the theme of cross cultural art is not clearly articulated and indeed not strong or specific enough to lend itself to the production of a final diagram that is more than just a mishmash of objects connected in any cohesive way
2) your summary of the Art in Oceania introduction includes a number of factual errors, and is missing a thesis statement.
3) Your summary of the Geismar Tilley article was stronger but again was missing the authors’ thesis and had a number of confusing and incorrect citations.

Taken together this suggests a very surface level engagement and understanding with assigned course readings.

4) You have identified 3 objects that you can use, however only one of them comes from class lectures. The other two seem to be drawn from your own research. This would be fine on its own but I am currently unconvinced that you have done enough outside research to provide viewers of the diagram with a clear understanding of these objects and again to be able to articulate through these objects some kind of connective thread.

You have alot of work to do in terms of proposal revisions. I highly recommend you meet with Matthew Tedford or myself during office hours this week so we can offer you some additional guidance prior to the submission of your proposal revisions. Additionally I recommend you attend the optional class workshop on Wednesday as I will be discussing how to draw formal and contextual connections between one’s theme and chosen objects.

Also, there are a lot of materials in class dashboard..


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