Art Journal

A lot of the world is influence by art, whether its a music video, the fashion industry, or simple household items. For this assignment you will pair one work of art (from the textbook) with one pop culture image. There is no limitation to where you find this comparison, it can be from anywhere (fashion, a magazine, a photograph, movie, TV show, Instagram, etc.) You must describe the artwork and include it along with a caption and page number where the work appears in the book. Please carefully explain your choice in at least 300 words. Your selection should make sense and must be well described. You must include images and captions (artist, title, date) for each image. I have included a couple of examples below; you may not use any of the examples provided. Be sure that if you paraphrase, summarize or quote the textbook that you include an in-text MLA citation in your journal. 


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