Art Talk – Arena Chapel Commemorate the Dead & Fresco

Step 1  In this Forum, answer thefollowing questions for both images:

1.   Usingyour Language of Art sheet, how does the fresco commemorate the dead? When you answer this part of the Discussion, please refer to the figures byname. 

2.   Choose1 section of each image to explain the fresco process

Hint – Refer to the Instructor PDF files.

YouTube link to see the ArenaChapel and restoration – (Links to an external site.)

Step 2  In order to get full credit,please read the following:

        Readthe Discussion question/s

        Answerthe Discussion question/s

        Formatand Length – Separate paragraphs per question & question

        Referto the images by the artist, if known, or the title

        Sources- Cite all sources throughout your answer and a full source at the bottom

        Please,no Encyclopedias

        Nopartial credit

        Exampleof an Art Talk answer is posted in the Modules

        Examplesof Student posts are in the Modules

        Guidelinesfor Art Talks and Ground Rules are in the Syllabus

        Completethe Discussions weekly

        Donot wait until the last minute to complete the Discussions  

        Howto cite your sources and avoid plagiarism – see Syllabus and the Modules

I realize the material for this course can be challenging to understand.  Our Textbook & the Instructor PDF files has everything you need to succeed in this course.  Save yourself time & effort by using both of these to answer the Discussions & take the Exams.  If you would like to use an online source, the Khan Academy is the only accepted website.  I have done this because there is too much misinformation available online about our course.  Please do not Google your answer & think that I will not know…

you can download the textbook here :


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