Article Critique Assignment

  • Review the introduction of the article [5 pts]. In your own words, summarize the importance of the topic, the missing knowledge that the article was meaning to address, the research question, and the potential application of the findings.
  • Review the methodology of the article [10 pts]. In your own words, describe the process of how the data was collected. Identify the independent and dependent variables, along with their respective measurement classifications. Explain how the data was preprocessed. Describe the analytical method and algorithms used, and determine whether they were appropriate based on the data and research question. Describe the strengths and weaknesses of the methodology.
  • Review and interpret the results [5 pts]. In your own words, discuss and compare the performance of the models and/or algorithms used. Make sure to provide numeric values to support your evaluations of performance and provide interpretations of the values. Describe other ways that the authors could have evaluated the performance of the models used. Discuss how the information gained from this article could be applied in practice.
  • Professionalism [5 pts]. Make sure you are demonstrating connections to content learned in the course, but while crafting your own work that is free from spelling and/or grammatical errors.
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