article response + open ended question about Geertz (1974) READING FILE PROVIDED

Geertz (1974)

  1. Provide a brief, but thorough, summary of the article’s topic and argument. What point is the author trying to make?  DO NOT use online summaries; that is plagiarism.
  2. Explain how the article relates to the themes and concepts covered in the current unit materials (lecture, assigned chapter, etc.). Discuss how the article illustrates/expands upon the major topics and ideas from the unit.  Use specific key terms and concepts from the unit sources (assigned chapter, PowerPoint/lecture).  This is the most important part of the assignment, and it is where most of the points will come from.
  3. Share your reaction to the reading. Was it successful in getting its point across, why or why not?  Can you relate this to current events or personal experiences?
On a seperate page write an open ended question concerning a concept or idea from the article.


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