Article Review

Please read the article:

 Smith, S. N., Reichert, H., Ameling, J., & Meddings, J. (2017). Dissecting Leapfrog: How well do leapfrog safe practices scores correlate with hospital compare ratings and penalties, and how much do they matter? Medical Care, 55, 606. doi: 10.1097/MLR.0000000000000716

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Provide a 700-1050 word synthesis of this article. 

Please include in your discussion

  1. Articulate the challenges that make healthcare operations unique from other business sectors.
  2. Capitalize on improving patient care and clinical operations linking outcomes to increase patient satisfaction and quality of care. 
  3. How do healthcare organizations effectively use tools to examine operational efficiencies/deficiencies. 
  4. Define strategies to address contemporary healthcare trends such as evidence-based medicine, value-based purchasing, and pay-for performance
  5. Finally, add your opinion on whether self-error reporting by hospitals is of any value.  

Please submit as a word document, 12 font and Times New Roman or Arial.


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