article summary

Write a review on the article “Parental substance and alcholol abuse: Two ethical frameworks to assess whether and how interention is apprioate” Article is attached as well as guidelines given for writing article.  

 You are not required to seek external resources. Your final discussion should be professional, include detailed information, and be void of opinion. This assessment requires the use of full APA 7th ed. Formatting (no abstract required) Faculty will evaluate submissions for plagiarism.

Avoid over quoting; rather summarize the concepts learned/derived from the text. In the case of direct quoting, following the APA guidelines beginning with Section 8.25 in the 7th edition.

All work must be submitted in full APA 7th ed. format. 

The final submission should consist of a minimum 500 words in the core discussion (excludes title page, running headers, reference page information). I require the use of Level Headings to create organization and transition between topics (See APA 7th edition, Section 2.27).


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