ASALLC What Makes a Good Teacher & the Qualities of A Good Teacher Discussion

For this assignment you will create a list of 8 qualities of a “good” teacher that helps to build relationships with young children .It should be 200 words.use the book.The name of the book is Creating Environments for Learning Author: Julie Bullard ISBN: 978-0-13-401455-5. The book is in the book shelf. You will need to log in to retrieve the ebook. Also please include intext citation. Please answer the questions.

What kinds of things do teachers do with children to build relationships?

What Makes a Good Teacher?

For me, a “good” teacher gets down eye-to-eye (if culturally appropriate) with a child and speaks with a soft voice. The child feels cared for and loved around this teacher.

Assignment Instructions

For this discussion, create a list of 8 qualities of a “good” teacher that helps to build relationships. We know that teachers need to be organized and prepared, but what qualities should a teacher have in order to build relationships with young children?


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