aspects of a chosen religion

Choose ONE of the following religions and write an essay in which you cover the most important aspects of the chosen religion:


1.     Native American Religions

2.     African Religions

3.     Hinduism

4.     Jainism


You goal with this essay should be primarily to show your understanding of the material presented in class and the textbook in your own words through focusing on the key beliefs and practices of the religion you have chosen to write about. 


Since this is a relatively short paper you should try not to get too tied up in the historical aspects or the use of outside sources. If you do use sources other than the textbook or what has been presented in class, you will need to do a work cited page. 


Once you have described the most important aspects you may also want to give some brief personal reflections on your thoughts about the religion you have chosen.


Your paper should be AT LEAST two full pages long, double spaced, in Times New Roman 12-point font with one-inch margins.


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