BIO 116 West Virginia University Mitosis The Cell Cycle and Cancer Lab Report

The online lab discussion focused on how cancer results from out-of-control cell division. In cancer cells, checkpoints that regulate cell division are not working and the cells are not following the “rules” of normal cells. In groups, you did some brief research on chemotherapies and radiation treatments for cancers. As you reflect on the discussion, think about questions you still have. Do you wonder how different cancers are detected and how they are treated? Do you wonder why some treatments for certain types of cancers can elevate the risk of other types of cancers. Do you wonder about chemotherapies and why patients often take multiple drugs? Do you wonder why some people are predisposed to certain cancers? Do you wonder…?

There are a million questions to be answered. Think of a question or two that you have related to mitosis, the cell cycle, and cancer. Spend a few minutes researching the answers on the Internet. (Remember to use reliable sources.) Create a thread that indicates: your question(s), the answers you found, and, if applicable, additional questions you thought of along the way. There is a famous quote that says, “the more you know, the more you realize you don’t know.” 🙂


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