BIO 233 RCC Microbiology Unknown Bacterium Article Summary Discussion

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I will provide you with the results of the biochemical tests and Gram stain of your unknown bacteria. Use the grid to determine the identity of your unknown organism. After determining your unknown organism, go to the NCBI website and pick a journal article that talks about your unknown organism. Pick an article that is relevant and no older than 5 years from the date of publication. Read the entire article and summarize the contents of the article inyour own words (do NOT copy the abstract of the article). Submit the summary of the article and a link to the article to me together with the correct identification of your unknown bacteria. The due date for unknown #3 is 4/15/21. No late submission will be accepted. Early submission is acceptable. No handwritten reports will be accepted. Reports should be in the doc, docx, or pdf format.

Here is the link to NCBI PubMed: (Links to an external site.)

Rubric: 15 pts for correct identification of unknown bacterium and another 15 points for summarizing a relevant article related to unknown bacterium with proper citation.


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