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Laboratory Questions- Research these questions, and cite your source, include in text citations when answering each of these questions.  Answer the questions in paragraph format (no bullet points), using full sentences, proper grammar, and elaborate on each topic for full credit.  (25 points for this section, each question worth 5 points)                                                          


1. Discuss American dietary intake and the prevalence of obesity (and overweight) in the United States.



2. What are health issues associated with obesity and overweight?



3. Discuss the results for your BMI calculation. What range do you fall in (refer to PowerPoint), and how does this correlate to health risk



4. Discuss your heart disease risk score. What is your risk level for heart disease? Discuss what contributed to your risk score. What are some factors that are out of your control when it comes to heart disease risk? 



5. Explain the Queen’s Step Test, and the data/knowledge that is gained by the test?






You should have in text citations, and list references here.  MLA, APA, or AMA citation style accepted.  REFERENCES:


Include at least 3 sources other than course materials with corresponding in text citations in your report



References Component: Plagiarism is taken very seriously as illustrated by the signing of the academic dishonesty contract.  The student is now legally bound to take responsibility for understanding plagiarism and is subject to the specified ramifications for violations of contract.  In order to best avoid such situations, a proper reference list using MLA format should site any published materials used for factual citations or paraphrasing of material in the student lab report.  If you have any questions on how to execute this properly, please contact your lab Teaching Assistant immediately.  



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