Business article summary

You are required to research and write a summary on 5 articles throughout our course. These articles are designed to give you a real-world perspective on what issues companies today are facing, how they are dealing with them and the future implications it has in business.


            Find an article on a reputable website such as CNN, Yahoo or MSN, or cut an article out of a reputable news magazine or newspaper. Do NOT use Metro or other pop culture magazines. These articles should talk about a issue in business or politics today and have some ethical issue associated with it.

  • Make sure a copy/ link of the article is included with your submission
  • Start with a summary of the article
  • Write one page on what the dilemma is and how the business dealt with it. Address various business issues that we learn about in this course. Explain how the article relates back to those issues you have learned about. How does this affect business moving forward? Are there ethical considerations? What are your thoughts on the issues that come from the article?
  • When using sources, make sure to cite appropriately.
  • Do NOT use a font greater than 12 and keep single spacing.
  • Submit your article on on Canvas.
  • Two articles per week are accepted. All articles must be turned in before finals.


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