Business Assignment

Question 1. (a) In your life, who is the most influential leader you have had so far? Please answer how that leader gave you so much influence with specific examples. (b) What type of power did the leader have? What type of influence tactics did the leader use? Please answer with examples.


Question 2. (a) In a crisis situation (e.g., pandemic, natural disaster, etc.), we tend to look for strong leadership. What type of leader behavior (e.g., initiating structure, consideration) should be emphasized in a crisis situation? Why? (b) How does your organization deal with a crisis (e.g., the pandemic)? Do you have any complaints to your manager or leader at work during a crisis? Do you have any suggestions to make the leadership be more effective? Please share your experience in leadership during any crisis situation.

Submission Instructions:

For question 1, your example leader can be anyone you know personally or a public figure who has a strong influence on you. You have to describe specific examples in your answer. 

For question 2, if you are not currently working, please consider any previous experience or example leadership in crisis. 

Please answer all three case questions from the textbook Spotify case.

Make sure to fully answer all questions (with all sub-questions). Do not type out all questions (the plagiarism checker will show a red flag), but need to include question numbers for each answer.

Please apply chapter theories and contents in your answer. Also, if you have any related experience, try to share your own experience in your answers.

Try to avoid direct quotes from the textbook or any external sources. If your plagiarism score is 30% or higher, you will get zero and need to resubmit your work for a grade.

No cover page. No more than 5 pages (expect to see at least 4.5 pages of your answers, excluding references – the last sentence of your answer should be on page 5). Longer submission will not lose points (unless it goes over 7 pages), but shorter submission will lose points in detail criteria.

Double-space and 12 pt. font size. One-inch margins. APA style.


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