business perspectives

For this first discussion topic, you will be looking at the skills and knowledge it will take to lead in the 21st Century, including the roles that virtual teams serve in helping organizations to remain competitive and agile. This information will be important to you as you start Marketplace simulation game play in Unit 2 and will be a foundation for additional team assignments that you will be completing throughout the MBA program. To respond to this Discussion topic, you will use all of the readings, videos, and other resources that you discover to discuss the following, citing at least one scholarly source in addition to the readings for this week:

Your Main Response

  • Describe a recent team you have worked on. This could be either a personal or a work-related team. What was your role on this team?
  • Looking at the readings and videos this week as a base, plus at least one additional scholarly source, talk about how the leadership of this team, whether it was you or someone else, reflected the changing role of the leader in our contemporary world.
  • Using the readings and videos for this week, talk about what type of leadership skills and styles were used on this team that helped make it successful?
  • Given that you will be working in teams starting at the end of Unit 1, describe how you can incorporate this information to get your team up and running quickly and effectively
***I am an area manager at amazon. Feel free to make up an experience from this.*** Some amazon leadership principles are learn and be curious, dive deep, bias for action, etc. 


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