Business Statistics The Concept of P-Value

Anyone who conducts and/or publishes research in the fields of economics, medicine, education, sociology, biology, criminal justice, psychology, (fill in your discipline here!), etc. is most likely not only familiar with the concept of a P-value, but has had research findings depend on it.

Unfortunately, this is usually at the dismay of mathematicians and statisticians, as the P-value is not all it’s cracked up to be. You will be investigating this for this week’s discussion board.

  1. In a brief paragraph, summarize what the P-value is, and how it is used to “strengthen” the findings in papers published in the fields listed above. Be sure to cite any sources that you pull from.
  2. Search online for an article from the past couple years that talks about how the P-value can be, or has been, misused, or if it should not be used anymore, or some other criticism of the use of the P-value method. Write a short paragraph summarizing the main points of the article, post the active link of the article so others can access it.


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