Calcium Rich Foods in Dry Foods Section Worksheet and PPT

1. Topic = Calcium rich foods

2. This assignment is basically like a grocery store tour. in which we are going to different grocery store sections and taking about which foods or items and rich in calcium.

3. you need to fill an worksheet. there will be four sections but you only need to do dry good section.

4. In dry goods section( packaged food, canned goods, dry fruits and cereals etc.) you need to choose 5 foods ( e.g. nuts, canned beans, canned fruits etc) but make sure they are all rich is calcium. ( NOTE: ONE OF THE 5 FOODS MUST BE NUTS)

5. Action Statement/ tip = Provide at least 2 food-based nutrient message that relate to your area. make sure each statement is directive to make help B reach his/her nutritional goal. the tip may be something to increase the bioavailability of nutrient being discussed, to help find products or to use the product in daily life.

6. Nutrient reasoning = provide atleast 2 nutrient reasoning that relate to your topic, for each area. ideally you are describing the action statement or tips.

7. Provide scholarly reference for research done.

8. APA style.

9. use intext citations to highlight research done.

1. what is Calcium.

2. why do we need it? Its function in human body.

3. how much calcium do we need.

4. what happens if we don’t get enough Calcium?

5. What happens if we consume it extra?

6. where can we get it. for that continue with Dry goods section. Explain the information that we added in worksheet. Provide Picture, labels and less text.


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