Career Success Plan Fire Service

Career Success Plan

The student will investigate tools and options for educational, career development and personal planning. This assignment incorporates educational goals, financial planning and personal management that increase career and life success. During a virtual visit with the CPA the student will discuss, explore and plan these topics and resources.

This assignment will provide the student with information about educational, financial, career and personal planning that should increase their potential to be successful. It is important for any college student to understand the resources and tools available to assist with academic and personal success. Understanding the available resources will increase the chances of success in life.

The assignment will:
1. Include a cover page which has the following:
   a. The course title and section (Fire Science Fundamentals, FFP 1000)
   b. Your name
   c. The date and time you visited with the CPA
2. Be between 4 to 7 pages in length, which includes the cover page
3. Be doubled spaced with 1 margins
4. Be typed with a 12 font character (Times New Roman)
5. Have the pages numbered

The following 4 parts must be included in the assignment:

A purpose plan:
In 2 to 3 paragraphs students will create a statement that outlines their goals, interests, and strengths about their educational and career aspirations in fire protection. Students will describe how their educational goals will assist them with their career development/career ambitions. The narrative should concentrate and elaborate on personal strengths that will help to become successful.

An educational plan:
In 2 to 3 paragraphs students will explain an educational plan for academic and career goals. 
Explain any courses, classes and programs to be taken for a degree and certifications.  Students who intend to pursue a four-year degree should explain what programs they intend to take and include a tentative schedule. This educational plan is to assist you to determine and align academic goals with career objectives and goals.

A financial plan:
In 2 to 3 paragraphs students will develop a financial plan to calculate all costs associated with their education. This financial plan should include any loans, subsidies, or other financial budgeting items needed to cover the costs of education and training. The student should also research any possible grants or scholarships available.

A resources utilization plan:
In 2 to 3 paragraphs students will describe four learning, career-oriented, and financial planning resources that are available at the college. Please refer to the course syllabus and college websites to find learning, career assistance and financial resources that are available.
Working with the CPA, the students will learn of several resources and tools.
The student must list four available resources (includes names, places, websites, etc. in the College) and explain how to use these resources.

Note: A paragraph USUALLY contains 4 to 8 sentences.


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