Case Study

Review the vignette on Jorge in the attached document, “Jorge Case Study.” Write a paper in 1,200-1,500 words addressing the following: Based on this vignette and in alignment with the current DSM diagnostic codes:

  1. What is the best diagnosis for Jorge? Share specific elements of the case study that helped you form this diagnosis.
  2. Based on Jorge’s case history and presentation, what symptoms is he experiencing, and why are these symptoms considered dysfunctional (pathological)?
  3. Consider cultural factors using the sociocultural psychological model (school of thought) and explain how factors within this model play a role in the development of Jorges symptoms.
  4. Identify the causes of, and treatment options for substance related disorders.
  5. Develop a treatment plan for Jorge.

Include two to three peer-reviewed, scholarly sources to support your claims. Examples of scholarly sites include (.org, .edu, .mil, .gov).

Prepare this assignment according APA style no abstract


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