Case Study

Helen is a 72 year-old individual who just won a free trip to the Bahamas. The person on the phone has requested her credit card because she only needs to pay for the taxes which are $287. The trip is all-inclusive and includes hotel and all meals. Helen gladly gave her credit card number because she desperately wants to get away from the cold weather.

Helen just called you to tell you that she booked the trip and expects to leave next week. As a trusted family member, what do you do knowing that Helen has been experiencing increased cognitive loss over the last 5 years?

Using first person, write as if you were speaking to Helen. How would you explain to her what may have happened to her? Which is…She was just the victim of a phone scam and the person on the phone stole her credit card information.

What are some ways you can help Helen to be protected from falling victim to these common phone scams in the future? 

Separately, describe the type of cognitive function losses Helen is experiencing based on the information in the power points presented in class. (Why Helen is losing executive functioning) 

Be creative, sensitive and supportive in your response to Helen given your new understanding of cognitive functioning and losses. Be sure to consider Helens feelings and validate them.


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