Certified nurse practitioner role, family focus

Please use the following criteria to develop your PPT:

  • Introductory slide with at least 3 presentation objectives
  • Background
    • Define the APRN role
    • Define the APRN population focus
    • Describe the settings where these practitioners may practice
    • Describe the scope of practice for this role and population focus (use national certification and national organization position statements and other relevant sources.
  • Competencies and Standards of Care
    • Outline and explain each competency/standard of care for the selected APRN role
  • APRN Issues and Challenges
    • Explain at least 3 current challenges/issues for this APRN role and population focus. For example, are there regulatory barriers? Are there barriers in privileging and credentialing of APRNs in healthcare facilities?
  • Future of the APRN role
    • Describe future implications for this role. You may discuss regulatory, political, legislative, reimbursement/payment, and/or practice changes.
  • Summary and Conclusion
    • Provide a brief summary and concluding statements
  • List of References in APA format



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