Chapter 16 Reflection


  1. Each Chapter Reflection should contain three short paragraphs that answer the following three questions:
    1. What was your biggest takeaway that was new to you that you learned in this chapter?
    2. What would you like to know more about or what questions do you still have?
    3. What can you point to that shows a connection between what you read about and what is going on around you in real life?
  2. The Reflection will be considered timely as long as it is submitted prior to 11:59pm on the due date for that chapter. You may post your reflection at any time once the assignment opens up.
  3. For the weeks that more than one textbook chapter is assigned, you need only submit one reflection that reflects your major takeaways from the entire reading.
  4. If you miss the due date you may still get partial credit for a late submission (the number of points granted for late submissions is at the instructor’s discretion and depends both on the quality of the submission and how late it is). This provides an incentive not to skip that chapter altogether.

Criteria for Success:

The instructor will grade each reflection based on the quality and depth of thought, as well as whether and to what extent the student answered all three reflection questions.


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