Chapter 3 Short Reflection Essay 1

This is an assignment called Reflection Essay 1. In this assignment you will write a short Essay on the topic "Origins of Industrialization". Turn in this assignment to CANVAS here prior to the Due Date as mentioned syllabus. Your short Essay should have the following criteria.

1. Minimum 500 words. This Essay may include Figures (2-3 numbers) but not necessary.
2. Turn in the Essay in MS Word as well as in PDF format.
3. Layout format: single space, single column, 12 font, Times New Roman, at least 1 inch margin from each side.
4. Write multiple paragraphs (4-6 paragraphs) with Introduction (20-50 words), Conclusion (20-30 words), and other 3-4 Sub-titles.
5. The Essay must be around the topic "Origins of Industrialization" with viewpoints on "Discussion on the development of technology systems in contemporary as well as historical settings and in a variety of cultural contexts". Chapter  3 from your textbook should be referred. Do not directly copy the original text from the Textbook or from other sources. Write by yourself based on the information available in the Textbook and other sources. (See list 6 below)
6. The writing must be by you. You may refer from other sources, but the contents in the Chapter 3 are preferred. 
7. Do not turn in the same writing that you might have turned in with other courses.
8. Your Essay should be free from grammatical errors, spelling errors, etc.
9. To get rid of any errors, spellings, etc., if any, please review your Essay at least twice and refine it as necessary and then turn in it here.
10. Write the Title of the Topic in Bold. Below the Title of the Topic provide two spaces and then write your Full Name, Student ID, and Assignment Number. Then, mention the name of your Instructor (Dr. Nitaigour Premchand Mahalik). Mention your name as the file name. 

Instructions for formatting also attached for your guide/reference. See the link below.


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