CHEM 120 GC Experiment Double Replacement Reactions Protocol & Data Questions

Lab Videos of ReactionsIonic CompoundsReactantsYouTube video for Observationssilver nitrate and sodium chlorideNaCl + AgNO3Link to Video:Sodium chloride and silver nitrate (Links to an external site.)

Sodium chloride and potassium nitrateNaCl + KNO3Link to Video: (Links to an external site.)sodium carbonate and hydrochloric acidNa2CO3+ HClLink to Video:Sodium carbonate + hydrochloric acid with balloon. (Links to an external site.)sodium hydroxide and hydrochloric acidNaOH + HClLink to Video:Hydrochloric Acid + Sodium Hydroxide (Links to an external site.)barium chloride and sulfuric acid

BaCl2 + H2SO4Link to Video:sulfuric acid and barium chloride (Links to an external site.))ammonia and sulfuric acidNH3 + H2SO4Link to Video:

copper (II) sulfate and zinc nitrateCuSO4 + Zn(NO3)2Link to Video: (Links to an external site.)sodium carbonate and calcium chlorideNa2CO3+ CaCl2Link to Video:Reaction between sodium carbonate and calcium chloride (Links to an external site.)copper (II) sulfate and ammonium chlorideCuSO4 + NH4ClLink to Video: (Links to an external site.)sodium hydroxide and nitric acidNaOH + HNO3Link to Video: (Links to an external site.)Iron (III) chloride and ammoniaFeCl3 + NH3Link to VideoFeCl3 + NH3 (Links to an external site.)sodium sulfite and hydrochloric acid

Na2SO3 + HClLink to Video: (Links to an external site.)


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