choose a professional article and summarize it

Candidates are required to read a professional article from peer reviewed journals and write detailed summaries on them.  Candidates are advised to choose articles written within the last seven years (2015 – 2022). Attach a copy of the article to your paper or cite the URL for the instructor. Candidates are to include a bibliography using the most current APA style for referencing.  

The summary should be 2 to 3 pages long (double spaced) depending on the length of the article you read. The following components should be included:

a. Summarize key points of the author and state your professional interest in the article.

b. Discuss how the article expands your knowledge base on reading at the developmental stage of a child.

d. Suggest your own recommendations for solutions to the problem(s) the author(s)

    talks about in the article. Further discuss what contributions you think this article has

    for the teaching of reading and education in general.

Website for articles:


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