Clockwork Orange

ENGL 2110: Essay #1 (A Clockwork Orange)We have been discussing A Clockwork Orange now for a few weeks. We havewitnessed Alexs world up-close and personal, and we have seen the repercussions of Alexschoices as the story has moved forward. In our discussions on the violence that exists both withinand without the text we have looked at differing reasons for Alexs behavior.Now, it is time to flesh these ideas out for your first essay. 

What you need to do:What I want you to do for this essay is commit the ideas we have discussed in class to apaper. If you believe Alex refuses to conform to society, find sources that support this argumentand have at it. If you believe society is attempting to oppress Alex, go for it. Point being, I wantyou to pursue your ideas regarding the novel as the core thesis of this paper. How you approachthis essay is left mostly up to you, but I would recommend sticking to what we have discussed inclass. For this paper you will need to use citations from at least 3 sources. One of these sourcesmust of course be A Clockwork Orange.Look at this essay as a chance to examine not only what we have already discussed inclass, but what the subject of violence in todays world means to you. We have been hitting someheavy subjects in our discussions, and I fully expect a lot of that to roll out into this paper. Yourexaminations of the subject here are important, as well as examination of the text.Yes, It is okay to use I and Me in this essay. You are sharing your opinions andarguments here, so including yourself in the writing this way is fully expected. 
What Ill be looking for:- 3-4 typed, double spaced pages in 12pt. Times New Roman font. 1 margins, and .5indentations.- Inclusion of 3 sources, one of which will be the novel itself, A Clockwork Orange.Sources must be correctly cited in MLA format, and a Works Cited page must be included (theWorks Cited page does not count towards the page limit).-An examination of what the subject means to youwhere you see it headed, possibleconsequences, and any further references / research you think is important regarding your chosentopic.


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