1. Read each option and select only ONE alternative to analyze.

  2. Select a communication situation with which you have been directly involved or have closely observed.

  3. Describe the situation in 1-2 paragraphs.

  4. Analyze the situation.Why did it happen?How could it have been avoided?

  5. Make recommendations for improvement of the situation where applicable.

  6. Link this situation with the communication theory presented in the particular chapter of focus.You may directly quote the text if or where needed.

  7. The paper should be 2 typed pages (double-space please).

  8. The goal of the paper is to draw together theory and reality.

    Think of a time when you either understood or misunderstood someone’s nonverbal communication OR when someone either understood or misunderstood your nonverbal communication. Describe the situation and relate it to one or more of the various categories of nonverbal communication. Draw some conclusions about the importance, extent, reliability, etc. of nonverbal communication in this situation and/or relate it to some of the principles of nonverbal communication.


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