This assignment for the Company Analysis focuses on the organization’s strategy. Suggestion: start working on this assignment ASAP.  Please follow the instructions below and submit your completed file to this assignment link.  As a reminder, this is the senior capstone course with senior-level expectations. Your professor will review and grade your submission and will provide you with feedback. Please make sure to view this feedback in order to make necessary changes in preparation for your final Company Analysis which will be submitted in Module 4.
  1. Review the “Company Analysis Requirements” (attached above).
  2. Prepare the following section for this assignment
    • Cover page
    • What is this organization’s strategy to compete? Is the strategy working? (3-5 pages)
    • Perform a complete, fully developed SWOT Analysis with explanations for each component, along with the UT: Ultimate Threat identified: 10 correct components for each SWOT element


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