Compare and contrast online shopping and shopping at a physical location.

its just prewriting so i assume just two paragraphs or like one full paper. 

For this exam, you’ll choose one of the suggested topics and write an outline to plan and develop your information before you begin to draft your essay. If you do research or incorporate information that’s not considered common knowledge into your prewriting, you must cite it according to APA Format

For this exam, you’ll do the following:

Use prewriting, drafting, revising, and editing to write formal, college-level essays
Distinguish between different patterns of development
Apply an appropriate pattern of development to a specific purpose and audience
Develop paragraphs using topic sentences, adequate detail, supporting evidence, and transitions
Apply the conventions of standard written American English to produce correct, well-written essays
Choose one of the following topics:

Compare and contrast two villains of favorite TV shows and/or movies.
Compare and contrast two protagonists of favorite TV shows and/or movies.
Compare and contrast a video game and its corresponding movie/TV show.
Compare and contrast online shopping and shopping at a physical location.
Prewriting Tasks
Be sure to complete the following tasks in your prewriting:

State the subject you’ve chosen in a complete sentence.
Provide one or two sentences of background information; this will go in your introduction when you write your essay.
Create a thesis statement. Remember, your thesis statement must make an argument about your topic and name the key points of contrast in the order you will discuss them.
Use the “Point-by-Point” organizer shown in the example below to demonstrate how you will logically organize your essay. Include your subject, thesis statement, supporting elements, and conclusion.


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