Comparison/Contrast Going to a movie to watching a movie at home

Key Words suggesting comp/cont: Compare and contrast, Similarities and differences, realtive merits, advantages and disadvantages. Should be lead beyone the obvious. Make sure treat the same 9or at least similar) elements for each subject. The thesis should tell reader what to expect in the paper. Subjects to be 

compaired/contrasted, point you will make about them, whether you will concentrate on similiarities, or differences, or a balance of the two, the central concern should be presented in the independent clause of 
the sentence.  Essentially write a separeate essay about each subject (discussing the same point for both subjects) Make a point about one subject and then follow it the a comparable point about the other (alternating until all points are discussed.
Could you also create an outline including the thesis statement . Also in MLA Form


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