Complete the Questions for Study and Discussion for “The End of Passwords

Complete the Questions for Study and Discussion for “The End of Passwords” on page 81 – 82 in Models For Writers.  You only need to complete the “Questions for Study and Discussion”.  For this assignment there are 5 questions.  Please answer the questions using complete sentences and plenty of details from the article to support your answers.  Your grade will be based on the evidence you use to support your answers.  For anyone who does not have the textbook Models for Writers here are the questions.  There is also a link for the essay.

The End of Passwords –

Complete These Questoins.

Questions for Study and Discussion

1.  Is Pogue’s thesis about a topic of importance and controversy?  Why or why not?  What question is Pogue trying to answer in his thesis?

2.  What is the problem with passwords, as Pogue sees it?  Do you share his concerns?  Why or why not?

3.  When Pogue presents the two-factor authentication (7 – this refers to the paragraph number), he states that the “masses will never go for it.”  Why is that?  Do you agree?

4.  What does Pogue mean by “biometric approaches” (8)?  Examine each of the approaches that Pogue suggests and argue whether or not you see each one as a realistic alternative to replace passwords.

5.  At the end of his essay, Pogue does raise the issue of privacy and information ownership.  What are some of the concerns?  How might they be resolved?


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