composition II

this is the follow up on the first order.

After reading these notes,  you will submit your detailed outline and your introduction using the link provided in the modules.


Here is what you will copy & paste and answer:

 Academic Conversation over: _________.

 Research Question:

 Your answer to the Research Question is your Main Thesis Point 1 and Main Thesis Point 2 (Be sure to cite page numbers for MLA citation):   

Main Thesis Point 1________

                Article1 In coaching, this process should enable the coach to make best use of his/her skill sets by designing, deploying, and refining teaching

                              strategies; planning programs; linking sessions and responding to the individual needs of a performer, the coach is required to adapt 

                              and modify the coaches existing skills to meet the demands of an individual performer (Collins 11).

                Article 2 ”   ”  ( ).

               Article 1 ”   ”  ( ).

                Article 2 ”   ”  ( ).

Main Thesis Point 2_______

                    Article1 ”   ”  ( ).

                    Article 2 ”   ”  ( ).

                    Article 1 ”   ”  ( ).

                   Article 2 ”   ”  ( ).

Do not summarize the examples under each subpoint.  Also, do not group all examples for one article together, but order them as they will appear in your paper (i.e. article 1, article 2, article 1, article 2  NOT  all of article one grouped then all of article two grouped).


Please turn in your introduction also.

The introduction should be 1/4 to 1/2 page 12 point font, 1-inch margins, and double spaced. Be sure to correctly use MLA citation 

attached are samples as well


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