COMS 355 GCU Impact of Social Media on Marketing Communication Paper

A literature review section of a research paper helps to give context for the relevance and particular conceptual focus of your study. It is important to make sure that your literature review is not just a technical reporting of what other researchers have done before. Instead, it needs to be a creative organization of past findings that creates a frame or foundational context for your argument or research focus. In order to accomplish this, in 1,000-1,500 words you will need to:

  • Synthesize key results themes from qualitative research articles.
  • Synthesize key results themes from quantitative research articles.
  • Explain how these findings inform your research question(s) and hypothesis.
  • Include your research question(s) and hypothesis(es).

A minimum of 10 research articles are necessary.

All of the references for this assignment must come from peer-reviewed academic journals.


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